Conor E. Ralph

C.I.A. (Citizens Instigating Anarchy)-

Anarchy (n) | anarchy | \ˈa-nər-kē, -ˌnär-\ | a : absence of government. b : a utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government.

Located in the foothills of Appalachia is Skatopia, an 88-acre skateboarding farm, owned and operated by professional skateboarder Brewce Martin and his son Brandon.

Serving as a pilgrimage point for skateboarders around the world, many also know this unique farm for its chaos. Though the chaos is often mistaken for anarchy, this is not true; anarchy is not a rebellious, destroy everything, 'fuck the police' mentality. Skatopia is about living free. Its visitors and residents are seeking a place to get away from the ‘normal’ expectations of society, coming to skateboard, playing music, party, and express themselves freely. 

Brandon White runs towards a crowd while a car burns at Skatopia, a skateboarding farm in Rutland, Ohio. Burning cars aren’t an uncommon sight on the property; visitors do it as a symbol of expression for the freedoms that are allowed there.
Fireworks explode outside of the ‘barn’. Everything from firecrackers to mortar shell fireworks are common during parties..
Attendees of Bowl Bash XVIII, an annual summer party, watch skateboarders in the “Epcot Beam” bowl. Skatopia is known for its parties and chaos, but at the center of the partying is what made it the place it is, skateboarding.
The windows of a car were smashed before it was flipped and set ablaze.
After cutting the roof off of an old car, friends ‘rally’ the car around until it can no longer move. When the car stopped running, it was set ablaze..
Emma Stacy (left), observes Chad James (right), after he had fallen asleep in front of the ‘Bowels of the Devil’ from a long night of partying. The Bowels of the Devil is part of the properties original barn, and serves food and beer during party parties.
Dave (last name withheld) wears a plunger he found nearby while hanging out with friends during Bowl Bash XIX.
Partygoers watch as a skateboarder rides the ‘full pipe‘ during Bowl Bash XVIII..
Attendees of Backwoods Blowout XX take part in screaming vocals during a mosh pit. Skatopia has live music at all of their parties.
Fireworks are shot at a car as it is rallied around a field with a man holding onto the roof..
After a night of partying, Backwoods Blowout XX attendees sleep in the back of a van.
Smoke looms in the air after a car was set ablaze. In the background can be seen one of the many shacks built by visitors.
Attendees of the King of the Road party get stuck in the bottom of the ‘Epcot Beam’ bowl. The bowl, meant for skateboarding, is thirteen feet deep.
Scott Robertson reacts after an explosive went off in his hand at Bowl Bash XVIII..
Homemade prizes, made of skateboards, beer cans, and animal bones, were handed out following a skateboarding contest during a Bowl Bash XIX event.
Three partygoers rest in the ‘Church of Skatin’ during Bowl Bash XVIII. The annual three day party held in Rutland, Ohio, is known for its skateboarding, live music, and around the clock partying..
A partygoer shoots a bottle rocket from his behind. Its common to see many different forms of fireworks at Skatopia parties.
Joe Hammond, right, holds open Tara Helton’s eyes after she had fallen asleep at a party. Parties at Skatopia last late into the night, with some people staying up until the sunrise.
A man dressed as Captain Spaulding from Rob Zombie’s House of 1000 Corpses poses for a portrait at Bowl Bash XVIII..
Brandon White swings his skateboard towards a burning car at the ‘King of the Road‘ event.
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